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The Importance of a Wellness Plan for your Teen

Many teens overlook the importance of a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle for emotional wellness. The teenage years can be especially tough as your child goes through the hormonal shifts that come with adolescence. When used in conjunction with a wellness plan, a dietary supplement like Clarocet® can help provide the emotional stability needed to get your teen through these difficult years.

There are 7 Aspects of Wellness® that create a healthy foundation for emotional balance. These 7 Aspects of Wellness are Emotional, Physical, Social, Environmental, Occupational, Intellectual, and Spiritual Wellness. When creating a wellness plan for your teen, it’s important to practice healthy activities in each of these 7 Aspects. Doing so can seriously cut down on feelings of emotional instability, mood changes, nervousness and hopelessness.

Physical Wellness is a key factor for emotional health at any age. For your teen, Physical Wellness is especially important as their body undergoes changes. Proper diet and nutrition that focuses on fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein helps support healthy brain function, and supplementing a teen’s diet with essential vitamins and herbal supplements for emotional support can also increase the availability of neurotransmitters that provide mood stability and emotional health. Regular physical activity releases negative emotions and increases brain chemicals that create a more positive outlook.

Emotional Wellness is essential for total wellness. Teens are trying to gain autonomy and independence, and they are going to have emotional reactions to the changes that are going on in their lives. It is important to support your teen’s attempts to experience their emotions, and it’s also important not to shut them down or control the way that they feel. Instead, when they’re experiencing a difficult or negative emotion, sit down with your teen and talk about what’s going on. If they show signs of serious emotional distress, a healthcare professional will be able to help them learn healthy coping mechanisms.

Social Wellness is going to seem very important to your teen. They are finding out who they are, and their social network is going to be an integral part of this process. Teens also have a tendency to experience social ups and downs. Discuss your teen’s social life with them regularly to make sure they aren’t experiencing problems with their peers. Social anxiety often develops during the teen years, and, if your teen begins showing signs of social anxiety, there is help available. Also, keep track of who your teen is spending their social time with, and set boundaries around the time they spend with friends so that they can balance their social life with the other Aspects of Wellness.

Environmental Wellness can be difficult for teens. Help your teen learn to clean and organize their environment. This is important for mental clarity, focus, concentration, and feelings of self-worth. Create space in their room for a well-organized desk and study area, and make sure they have all the tools they need to perform their daily activities.

Occupational Wellness for teens includes helping them explore their career options and how they can prepare for life after high school graduation. If college is in their future, have them check into which universities offer programs that might lead them down their career path of interest. If your teen isn’t sure what they want for their future, give them the tools they’ll need to find out what they might want to do. Career counseling, aptitude tests, and personal inventories of their skills, abilities, and talents will give them a sense of direction.

Intellectual Wellness is a necessary part of any wellness plan. Hobbies and educational pursuits fall under the umbrella of Intellectual Wellness. Keep track of your teen’s academic performance, and, if a problem develops, take steps to get them the help that they need. Encourage your teen to explore a variety of intellectual activities such as reading, visiting museums, creating art, and watching educational television shows. If a specific subject or activity sparks their interest, support their attempts to take part in that activity, and take some time to participate in it with them.

Spiritual Wellness for teens is a process of exploration. Your teen is figuring out what he or she believes, and he or she needs a supportive environment in which to explore those beliefs. Approach your teen’s spirituality with an air of open-mindedness and love while still providing some guidance. Encourage your teen to read about philosophy and different spiritual traditions, and discuss this material with them often.

A wellness plan that supports your teen’s emotional balance will include a little activity in every area of life. Teens sometimes have special needs, so make sure to communicate with your teen regularly to stay in touch with what is going on. Guiding them through creating their own wellness plan is a great way to teach them healthy wellness habits for life.

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Talk to your doctor if your symptoms occur frequently, if they worsen over time or if they impair day-to-day life in any way. Symptoms lasting longer than 2 to 6 weeks, or those that go away for a time and then come back could mean that you have a diagnosable emotional health condition. Dietary supplements are not adequate treatments for conditions such as generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder or panic disorder. They should not be used as a replacement for prescribed medication to treat these conditions unless otherwise recommended by your doctor.


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