Vitamin for Stress Relief

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Find out how a Vitamin for Stress Relief helps to promote relaxation, relieving everyday stress

We’ve all heard that vitamins are an important part of our Physical Wellness. Did you know that vitamins can also be an excellent part of your Emotional Wellness? Adding a vitamin for stress relief to your wellness plan is a great way to fortify your body against the harmful effects of stress. Stress is an everyday occurrence and a huge part of our modern lifestyle. Using a vitamin for stress relief will help to support your body during periods of heightened emotional and physical stress.

When looking for a vitamin for stress relief, what should you look for? There are actually several vitamins that are important to consider when choosing a vitamin for stress relief to add to your wellness plan.

B Vitamin for Stress Relief

The B-vitamin complex of vitamins is a stress-fighting powerhouse. B-vitamins increase energy and support the body in the face of everyday stress. The B-vitamin complex is actually made up of multiple B vitamins for stress relief.

      • B1 (Thiamine): Vitamin B1 supports healthy cognitive function and concentration as well as alleviates mild mood changes due to everyday stress. It also helps to relieve fatigue, which can be a common stress-related problem. B1 is a great vitamin for stress relief.
      • B2 (Riboflavin): This stress-fighting B vitamin can help ward off stress headaches and mild mood changes due to everyday stress. Riboflavin also supports the immune system, which is often the first to malfunction when stress hits.
      • B3 (Niacin): This vitamin for stress relief helps to lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is the primary stress hormone, and elevated levels of cortisol are linked to any number of physical wellness issues such as lowered immune system function and weight gain. B3 is an excellent vitamin for stress relief because it strengthens your response to emotional stress and helps the body absorb other nutrients for better health.
      • B6: Vitamin B6 supports healthy immune system and nervous system function for a stronger stress response, making it an important vitamin for stress relief.

Other B vitamins that support the body during periods of heightened stress include vitamins B5, B9, and B12.

C Vitamin for Stress Relief

We don’t usually consider vitamin C as a vitamin for stress relief, but part of its stress relieving power comes from its renowned ability to support immune system response. Vitamin C also supports healthy nervous system function. The nervous system is where the stress response happens, so healthy nervous system function means a greater ability to withstand stress. Any vitamin or herbal formula that claims to be a stress reliever should contain the C vitamin for stress relief.

Can Vitamins for Stress Relief be combined with herbs and other nutrients?

There are a number of herbal remedies and other nutrients that can be combined with a vitamin for stress relief. What should you look for? The following herbs and nutrients are among the most recognized, researched and widely-used stress relievers, and they can be combined with any vitamin for stress relief:

      • St. Johns Wort
        (Hypericum Perforatum)

        Clinically shown to be a natural reuptake inhibitor. Supports a healthy neurotransmitter balance.
        Learn more about St. John's Wort
      • SAM-e

        A physiological agent that supports healthy mood function when used as a dietary supplement.
        Learn more about SAM-e
      • Valerian Root
        (Valeriana Officinalis)

        Promotes relaxation to relieve nervousness, nervous tension and occasional anxiety.
        Learn more about Valerian Root
      • 5-HTP
        Derived from a plant source. Acts as a precursor Serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood balance.
        Learn more about 5-HTP
      • Rhodiola Rosea
        (Rhodiola Rosea)
        Recognized for its broad spectrum of action to support the body during times of stress.
        Learn more about Rhodiola Rosea
      • Winter Cherry
        (Withania Somnifera)
        A natural anxiolytic that relieves occasional emotional stress responses.
        Learn more about Winter Cherry
      • Passion Flower
        (Passiflora Incarnata)

        A natural sedative that relieves occasional nervousness, anxiety and panic attacks.
        Learn more about Passion Flower

When combined with a vitamin for stress relief such as the B-vitamin complex and vitamin C, these herbs and nutrients strengthen the body’s response to stress, lessening feelings of occasional anxiety, mild to moderate mood changes and a depressed mood caused by everyday stress. Adding multiple herbs to your wellness plan (e.g. SJW for relaxation and positive mood balance, SAM-e for positive mood balance, Valerian Root for relaxation, 5-HTP to support a healthy neurotransmitter balance, Rhodiola Rosea for healthy emotional and neurological function, Winter Cherry for stress relief, Passion Flower for relaxation) provides a broad spectrum of action that is more effective than dietary supplementation with a vitamin for stress relief alone. To learn more about ClarocetNRI, a nutritional-herbal complex that combines herbs and vitamins in an Immediate Response™ capsule, visit the ClarocetNRI product homepage.

When used as part of a complete wellness plan, a vitamin for stress relief can be one step toward feeling better. A wellness plan that focuses on the 7 Aspects of Wellness™ is an integral part of any stress management routine. What are the 7 Aspects of Wellness™? They are important life areas that include Emotional, Physical, Intellectual, Social, Occupational, Spiritual, Occupational, and Environmental aspects. Want to learn more about how a wellness plan can take your stress management program to the next level? Click here to discover how to combine ClarocetNRI, an anxiety natural supplement, with a wellness plan that focuses on the 7 Aspects of Wellness™.

Using an herb or vitamin for stress relief is not a replacement for healthy lifestyle choices and the advice of a professional healthcare provider. Vitamins for stress relief are not approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, cure, or mitigate a disease or disorder. Make sure to discuss all of your wellness concerns with your healthcare professional.

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